Tulsi Gold Green Tea (STAR OFFER) 100g


M.R.P. 249 x 36pcs = Rs 8964 Total value

100% pure in its formulation, Tulsi Gold Green Tea consists of unique formulation which contains natural anti-oxidants that eliminates free radicals from the body and builds immunity.

Tulsi Green Tea is a naturally made green tea which can be consumed by anyone. It naturally supports the immune and cardiovascular system and promotes detoxification. It is like Yoga where your body gets filled with energy after meditation. The main benefit of drinking Green Tea is that your body undergoes a service where detoxification is done. Your body feels rejuvenated, repaired and reconstructed.

It is one of the best highly recommended product, Kudos Tulsi Gold Green Tea stimulates the body’s natural metabolism. It acts like a natural magnet to attract fat controlling appetite and make it easier to eat the right foods consistently. It also helps in fighting many problems related to digestion and inhibits bad cholesterol.


Kudos green tea is produced after intensive research with the knowledge of ancient Ayurveda and modern technology. This is one of the best green tea for metabolism that helps burn accumulated excessive fat in the body naturally providing you energy.

It contains some useful herbs that are very effective for losing excess fat from the body. Tulsi Gold Green Tea is rich in natural vitamins, minerals & chlorophyll which keep you healthy & fit.

If you are a fitness freak and you prefer maintaining a diet then you are at the right place. Drinking green tea immune system booster might be a solution. Our market for green tea is full of options like caffeine free tea or green tea for fat burner.

But Kudos Tulsi gold green tea is the best solution that works on eliminate free radicals from the body without having side effects. It has immensely powerful health benefits.

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Place Kudos Gold Green Tea in about one teaspoonful in a cup. Pour hot water into the cup. Stir for 2 minutes for infusion. Strain and serve. It may be taken to 3-4 times a day or as directed by the physician.


It has the powerful formula of 13 Vital Ayurvedic Herbs like Tulsi, Jaiphal, Amla, Jeera, Gulab, Gokhru, Green Tea, Saunth, Chitrak and many more that helps in detoxification.

This green tea for metabolism contains no prohibited substances and has no known side-effects.

The combination of vital herbs acts synergistically to regulate the process of digestion and improve metabolism. While searching for green tea for weight loss, Tulsi Gold Green Tea is the first and best option for rejuvenation.

Green tea for weight loss is perfect for aiding in the absorption of fat and in overall digestion.

It works on metabolic corrections, detoxification, rejuvenation and wrinkles eradication. It’s the easiest way to lose weight also. It’s purely made up of ayurvedic herbs.

Green tea for metabolism regulates the balance, fights constipation and decomposes neutral fat to give you a slim and trim body.

It is a potent fat burner with their appetite suppressive property it reduces weight in obesity and weight gain after pregnancy by correcting faulty metabolism of fats. It makes you slim and fit.

Green tea is loaded with neutral anti-oxidants and nutrients having incredible health benefits.

It is rich source of polyphenols like flavonoids and catechins which function as powerful anti-oxidants.

Tulsi Gold Green Tea increase immunity as it is a rich source of very powerful natural anti-oxidants.