Hand Sanitizer Gel ENA 70% (STAR OFFER) 5 Litre


M.R.P. 2500 x 4 Cans = Rs 10000 Total value

Germs are everywhere. Whether you are inside your home or roaming out. Be it your college campus or workspace, you are always surrounded with disease causing bacteria. To be safe from such germs and infections, you need to be pro-active and take necessary steps that involves regular hand washing.

Your hands are the most vulnerable as they carry germs from outer environment into your body. Keeping them clean and germ-free is our top-most priority. Wash your hands regularly with soap and water. If not possible, the best substitute for this is using a hand sanitizer.



Kudos Hand Sanitizer prevents the spread of infectious diseases and many others viruses. Alcohol based hand sanitizers can help keep you safe and reduce the spread of infections.

Kudos Hand Sanitizer is enriched with Aloevera which moisturizes your hands, make them soft and germ free. Kudos Hand Sanitizer has 70% alcohol. These have powder of herbs which make it safe for skin and more powerful as well.

**MRP of the product is inclusive of all taxes**

NEEM is anti-bacterial in nature. Having Neem in hand sanitizer is beneficial as it helps in killing germs on our hands. It keeps our hands clean and disinfects in seconds.

ALOEVERA acts as an anti-infecting agent and for the moisturizing purpose. It hydrates skin and don’t let your skin feel dry after applying an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

THYMOL with its anti-inflammatory and healing properties helps in reducing fungal infection and skin allergies.

ETHYL ALCOHOL is an effective germ-killer and this brings powerful results while disinfecting and sanitizing.

STEP-1: Dispense required amount of Hand Sanitizer from dispenser.
STEP-2: Rub your hands front forward and back forward.
STEP-3: Let it dry for 30 to 40 seconds.