Dr Jod Tablets (STAR OFFER) 60 Tabs


M.R.P. 300 x 120 Bottles = Rs 36000 Total value

Dr Jod tablets is very well known for joint pains. This joint pain relief tablets is effective in stiffness in muscles and limbs, swelling, pain, immobility and related symptoms.

This best joint relief medicine is the natural way to diminish pain and uneasiness in all types of joint pains. It is the most natural way to diminish pain and uneasiness. It also helps in boosting the immunity of the patient.


Dr Jod is the ayurvedic medicine for joint pain which works on the main cause of the disease that is production of ‘Aam (toxins)’and its excessive accumulation of Aam leads to joint pains. If the toxins stay there for a long time, the joint swells and becomes painful.

If joint pain not treated on time, it may result in redness, swelling, immense pain and difficulty in movements. Out of all the joint pain remedies, Dr Jod helps in management of all types of joint pains.

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Shunthi helps to reduce local pain, swelling, tenderness and stiffness of affected joints of Amavata patient.

Shudh Gugguluprevents clogging and hardening of blood vessels. It also helps in relieving from joint pains.

Dr. Jod Tablets: It’s advised to take 2 tablets three times a day, half an hour after meals or as directed by physician.