Disinfectant Spray (STAR OFFER) 225ml


M.R.P. 199 x 36 Bottles = Rs 7164 Total value

Protect your family from common diseases and cleanse your surroundings on time using Etanol Disinfectant Spray. Such sprays are convenient to use. There is no need to use a cloth and wipe it off. You can simply spray on any suspected infected area. They are more hygienic to use and are more effective.

Especially formulated to guard your family from unseen germs and infections,Etanol Disinfectant Spray helps keep you healthy. Just because you can’t see germs doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Etanol Disinfectant spray keeps away all the dirt and grime, leaving you healthy with a pleasant fragrance.


Etanol Disinfectant Spray is designed specifically for easy cleaning. It takes control of bad odour, is less irritating, and more pleasant to use. It effectively disinfects against antibiotic-resistant and bacteria strains. Use it in your home, office or any place, Etanol Disinfectant Spray protects from illness causing bacteria and viruses.

Enriched with ingredients like Pine, Tulsi, Thymol and Ethyl Alcohol, this Disinfectant Spray makes your work easy. The application and usage of this product makes it more in demand. You can easily spray on the surface and you are done!

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THYMOL has positive antioxidant, antifungal, ant-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Thymol in Etanol Disinfectant Spray helps in getting germ-free surface with white shine.

PINE in Etanol Disinfectant Spray acts as an extremely effective disinfectant, deodorizer and cleaner. It can be used in homes, at workplaces and many other public places.

TULSI has many anti-viral, anti-bacterial properties along with health benefits. So it is used as anti-viral agent in disinfectants which helps in controlling the germs being spread.

ETHYL ALCOHOL is absolutely safe and is skin friendly. It is an effective germ-killer and this brings powerful results while disinfecting.

HYDROGEN PEROXIDE is nothing but a chemical compound that's a combination of hydrogen and water. The clear liquid acts as a mild antiseptic and is really helpful in getting rid of infections around us.

To disinfect surfaces which you often come incontact with like: Table tops, Desks, Chairs, Sofa, Furniture, Curtains,Mattresses, Carpet, Clothes, Shoes, Bags, Purse, Kitchen Sink,Taps, Wash Basin, Toilet Seat, Kids Toys, Cycle, Scooty, Car and allother surfaces to be disinfected in Shop, Office, Home, Showroom,etc. Etanol Disinfectant Spray may be sprayed as oftenas required.

USAGE: Shake the can well. Hold the can 15-20 cm frompre-cleaned surface andspray unit covered in mist.
Always allow to air dry. Always test for suitable ona small inconspicuous areaprior to use.
Use on inanimateobjects only.

CAUTION: For use on inanimateobjects only. Harmful if taken internally.Pressured container. Protect fromsunlight. Do not expose to temperatureexceeding 50° C. Do not puncture orincinerate even when empty. Highly inflammable. Do not spray ona naked flame or anyincandescent material orelectrical point / Sourceof ignition. Do not spraynear eyes or face or onsore or broken skin.Wash hands thoroughlyafter use. Stop use if irritationdevelops. Avoid direct inhalation. Rinse eyes thoroughly with runningwater if found any irritation. Removecontact lenses if present. Get medicaladvice / attention. Keep out of reach ofchildren. Use only as directed. Store ina cool, dark, dry place. Keep awayfrom electrical appliances.