Antiseptic Liquid Disinfectant (STAR OFFER) 500ml


M.R.P. 170 x 25 Bottles = Rs 4250 Total value

Great for everyday personal and home hygiene, this Antiseptic disinfectant liquid has power to kill germs and microbes. It contains many essential ingredients like Pine, Thymol, Tulsi, Aloevera, Neem and Glycerine that provides expert protection against harmful bacteria with a unique sanitising formula.

It takes care of you and your family from harmful germs. It is also known to be safe for use on skin. This Surface cleaning antiseptic liquid protects from a wide range of illness-causing germs.


By using this antiseptic liquid, you will get germ-free surfaces like never before. It is ideal for cleaning tiles, floors and bathroom basin. Also, it can be used for disinfecting counter-tops, and gently cleans other surfaces and floors around the house.
With Aloevera and glycerine in its formulation, it makes sure of its hydration qualities.

It does not have any harmful effect on skin or anywhere. Neem is known for anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. Neem in this antiseptic liquid ensures to fight against bacterial pathogens and kills germs.

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PINE has a pleasant refreshing fragrance and it also helps to protect skin against germs and infections.

TULSI is an important herb used for its various beneficial effects. It has excellent skin detoxifying and anti-microbial activity.

NEEM is anti-bacterial in nature. Having Neem in hand wash is beneficial as it helps in killing germs on our hands. It keeps our hands clean and disinfects in seconds.

ALOEVERA acts as an anti-infecting agent and for the moisturizing purpose. It hydrates skin and don’t let your skin feel dry.

THYMOL with its anti-inflammatory and healing properties helps in reducing fungal infection and skin allergies.

FIRST AID: 1 tablespoon to 250mlof water (1 in 20).
BATHING: 1 tablespoon to 500mlof water (1 in 40).
NAPPY WASH: 1 tablespoon to 500mlof water (1 in 40).
SHAVING: 2 tablespoon to a mug ofshaving water (1 to 20).