Amrit Gasona Churna (STAR OFFER) 50g


M.R.P. 69 x 90 Bottles = Rs 5400 Total value

Are you affected by the issues of acidity, flatulence, Indigestion or bloating?

Had fried and spicy food yesterday? But gas problem is troubling you today. No worries! Kudos Amrit Gasona Churna is here to save you from such issues. Our modern lifestyle is somewhere responsible for the problems of gas, indigestion and acidity. By making lifestyle changes, we can try and changes the situation.

Market is full of many medicines that assures proper treatment. But Kudos Ayurveda brings you the most easy and safe way to get relieved from indigestion and gas problem.


With over 100 years of Ayurvedic experience, Kudos Ayurveda brings you the Amrit Gasona Churna. It comprises of nothing but all your kitchen ingredients that helps relieve you from such bloating, indigestion and acidity problems.

Gasona Churna is suitable for Hyperacidity, indigestion, constipation, nausea, uneasiness after heavy meals, gas, occasional or habitual constipation.

It helps balance the appetite, improves detoxification, prevent gastritis & fullness and facilitates elimination. Also, Gasona acts in synergy to improve digestion process.

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Jeera is one such spice that can stimulate digestive juices and keep tummy troubles like acidity and indigestion at bay. According to Ayurveda, Jeera water helps get rid of acidity and bloating, and provides relief from indigestion.

Kali Mirch has been proven effective at alleviating acid reflux and can be added to recipes or prepared meals. It contains piperine, a compound which helps to enhance metabolic performance and prevents fat accumulation in the body.

Nimbu (lemon) can help neutralize the acid in your stomach.

Pippali helps to manage indigestion. According to Ayurveda, indigestion means the state of an incomplete process of digestion. Taking Pippali helps to improve Agni (digestive fire) and digests the food easily.

Kala Namak i.e. Black Salt has alkaline properties which help reduce excess acid in the stomach, while its high mineral content lessens the damage caused by acid reflux.

Samundra Namak breaks down the food you have eaten. Therefore, helping in relieving you from acidity, bloating and doesn’t let indigestion happen.

It is advised to take 2g to 3g two times a day after meal or as directed by the physician.