Que1. How many types of Hand Sanitizer you have ?

Ans1. We have three types of Hand Sanitizers. First is gel type with 70% ENA, Second Liquid Pink color with 70% ENA, Third Blue color with 80% ENA.

Que2. What is the full form of ENA ?

Ans2. The full form of ENA is Extra Neutral Alcohol.

Que3. How Etanol Hand Sanitizers are different from other brands in the market?

Ans3. Etanol Hand Sanitizer is different from other hand sanitizers in the following ways :

1. ETANOL Hand Sanitizer is ethyl alcohol based sanitizer where as other hand sanitizers available in the market has Iso Propyl Alcohol in them .

2. Etanol Hand sanitizers have good quality herbs in them which takes care of your hands.

Que4. Does Etanol Hand Wash have any fragrance? Is it Anti-bacterial in nature?

Ans4 Etanol Hand Wash is anti-bacterial in nature. First time a Hand Wash Ethyl Alcohol has come which fights against bacteria and germs.This hand wash cleanses and sanitize your hands simultaneouly. It has sweet orange fragerence .

Que5 Will Etanol Hand Wash leave my skin rough and dry?

Ans5 With richness of Aloevera and Glycerine as its ingredients, Etanol Hand Wash moisturizes the skin after washing hands thus giving soft and supple feel.

Que6 How Etanol Body Wash and Shampoo with Conditioner are different from other brands available in market?

Ans6 First time in India a Body Wash and Shampoo with conditioner has been introduced with Ethyl Alcohol with two properties of sanitizing and cleansing as well.

Que7 How Disinfectant Spray is different from other spray in the market?

Ans7 In the market only Ethyl Alcohol sprays are available with fragerence in it like room freshners. However, Etanol Disinfectant Spray is enriched with Tulsi, Thymol, Pine and Ethyl Alcohol with natural aroma. It is pocket friendly and can sanitize anything like door handles, mobiles, laptops etc.!! USE IT TO BELIEVE IT !!

Que8 Is Etanol Antispetic liquid safe to use on skin?

Ans8 Yes, it can be used on skin as well. It is safe.

Que9 What are the after effects of having bath with Etanol Body Wash?

Ans9 Enriched with many essential ingredients, Etanol Body Wash protects your body from microbes and other septic agents.

Que10 How Fogging Liquid is different ?

Ans10 Fogging Liquid is enriched with natural disinfectants like yavani satva, saral, Tulsi, Neem. This Liquid is especially designed for the fogger machines. This is nonflammable and safe to use.

Que11 What is Nature’s Defence ?

Ans11 Nature’s Defence is an immunity booster that helps in protecting the body from various microbes. It’s formulation has been taken from AYUSH KWATH formulation. It has four herbs, in especially designed proportion to be taken in form of tea and tablets .

Que12 What is Dr Dengue Herbal Mosquito Repellant ?

Ans12 It is a Herbal Mosquito Repellant in form of Vaporiser, Cream, Spray and Incense Sticks which helps in repelling mosquitoes with any chemicals and without any side effects.

Que13 How is Disinfectant Liquidvdifferent from Sodium Hypochlorite ?

Ans13 Sodium Hypochlorite is a dangerous chemical for skin, eyes and any body part. It has been banned by Punjab Govt.and many other states due its side effects. However, Etanol Disinfectant Liquid is without sodium hypochlorite and is absolutely safe .

Que14 I want to be Etanol Distributer. How I can be that ?

Ans14 Kindly call at 9311485138 to get information about how you can be Etanol Distributer.

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